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No matter the goal you have set...
...if you have not quit, you have not failed.
1st-Jan-2021 01:00 am - Friends Only
[torchwood] jb smile

As of January 1 2011, this journal is friends only with the exception of promo posts for communities. If you want to add me please leave a comment so I can add you back.
5th-Aug-2012 06:53 pm - Friends Cut
[suits] harvey
Friends cut is done. I cut a lot of people, so yeah. No hurt feelings intended, but if that's what I caused, I am sorry. Many of those I cut are hih friends, so I know I'll still see you around there. But in that case I probably felt we didn't interact outside the comm much.

I wish you all the best!
1st-Jan-2011 06:59 pm(no subject)
[movies] of mice and men
Friends cut is done.

If I cut you even though you actually read/want to read this journal, let me know and it's reversed easily.
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