No matter the goal you have set...

...if you have not quit, you have not failed.

5 December 1986
Who am I?
26. female. european. german. bavarian. democrat. atheist. realist. pessimist. sister. daughter. friend. hufflepuff. ravenclaw. mathematician. tennis player. ex risk management trainee. database analyst.

What are my interests?
tennis. football. sports. math. numbers. puzzles. riddles. language. words. grammar. books. stories. dark chocolate. candy. pasta. family. friends. piggies. beaches. summer. competitions. independence. waistcoats.
Shows - suits. leverage. fringe. ncis. ncis:la. white collar. game of thrones. hawaii five-0. magic city. the newsroom. criminal minds. supernatural. torchwood.
Movies - rain man. of mice and men. the sting. dances with wolves. dead poets' society. a fish called wanda. french kiss. mary poppins. robin hood: prince of thieves. leon. despicable me.

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